Fines for Overdue Materials

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Clinton Public Library materials not returned or renewed by the end of the loan period are considered overdue and subject to a fine.

Fines are as follows:

Books: $0.20 per day

Audio-Books: $0.20 per day

Kits: $0.20 per day

DVDs: $0.50 per day

Music CDs: $0.50 per day


Fines accrue to a maximum fine of $6 per item. If the item is over four weeks overdue, a replacement bill will be sent. More information can be found below. Borrowing privileges are suspended when library fines or other charges exceed $5.00. Fines can be paid online from the City of Clinton's website. If you need to know what your fine amount is, you can call us at 563-242-8441 or check your account here. 


Childrens Material Exception

As of April 8, 2019, Childrens Materials are fine free. We know how life is with kids, the hustle and bustle. Perhaps the book is forgotten and then found under a bed. The Clinton Public Library does not want to restrict children from being able to check out materials because of a few dollars.

You still have to pay replacement charges if the item is lost.


Overdue Notice

An initial notice of overdue materials will go out to the patron 10 days after the due date of the item. Patrons with responsibility for material in any format which is more than 90 days overdue are also responsible for any and all collection and/or court costs incurred by the library in its efforts to secure the return of the material.


You can receive library notifications by email, text, or phone. To update your notification preference online, click here to log into your account (your password is the last 4 digits of your phone number) and choose Contact Information and Preference.


Replacement Bill

Approximately four weeks after the item is due, a bill notice is sent listing the replacement cost of the overdue item. If the item is returned to the library the item goes from Lost to Found, the borrower is then responsible only for the overdue fines, not for the replacement. 




The library reserves the right to adjust the fee schedule as needed. Fees are not refundable once collected.

Photocopy & Printers Fee: $0.15 per page for black and white; $0.35 for color.

If enlargement or reduction is required by the patron, the “per page fee” applies to each step in that process.

Enlargement and reduction is not an exact science and may take several pages.

Microfilm Copy Fee: $0.25 per page.

Lost Library Cards Fee: $1.00 for each card. Patrons may have only one active barcode at a time.

Note: This does not apply to patrons who may be providing a special service for other patrons or representing the library. The library will make a special registration to accommodate.


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